Thinking of something special for commemorative gifts such as wedding gifts, original table ware for restaurants, inns and hotels, or mortuary urns for beloved deceased? Feel free to consult us - even for just one piece!

* We currently accept made-to-order requests in Japan only.

Some Examples of What We Have Made to Order

Sado (tea ceremony) utensils

・A white porcelain green tea bowl decorated with motif of a flower that his mother used to like. (requested by a Sado ,tea ceremony, teacher )
・10 lotus-shaped wastewater receptacles as return gifts for a tea party. (requested by a Sado teacher )
・A set of 12 green tea bowls decorated with flower motifs, one for every month. (requested by a Sado teacher)

Kado (flower arrangement) utensils

・A bud-shaped white porcelain flower vase. (requested by a Kado , flower arrangement, teacher )
・A "Yakishime" (unglazed) hanging flower vase. (requested by a Kado teacher )


・25 sets of 12 dishes for course meals. (requested by Restaurant GRANDVIEW, Westin Miyako Hotel, Kyoto.)
・30 sets each of flower-shaped bowls and a pair of beer glasses, as return gifts for wedding. (requested by the T family)
・Dishes for each family member to commemorate their newly built house. (requested by the S family)

Mortuary urns and return gifts for funeral offerings

・A mini urn to commemorate their deceased mother at home. (requested by the H family)
・A slightly large urn for the married couple, upon the passing away of the husband. (requested by the N family)
・A set of 2 small lotus-shaped urns for the married couple, upon the passing away of the wife. (requested by the T family)
・120 floral-shaped bowls as return gifts for funeral offerings, for the father's passing away. (requested by the N family)

How Your Order is Processed

  1. Please consult with us via inquiry form about the item of request. If you already have a clear image of what you would like, we welcome you to attach images and/or sketches by e-mail.
  2. We will contact you via e-mail or telephone, to discuss the special order item's details and price.
  3. After the discussion is complete, Higuchi will start working on your order.
  4. The completed item will be packaged and sent to the designated shipping address. As mentioned below, we will ask you for some time for the ordered items to be completed. Although it differs by size, etc., it will take at least approximately 4 weeks. We suggest that you contact us with your order well in advance, for there are times when we can not accept orders due to events being held and their preparatory periods and the like.
Kneading of clay ("Araneri" and "Kikuneri")
"Araneri" to balance out water in the inside and on the surface of clay, and "Kikuneri" to push out air in clay are done carefully.
Shaping on pottery wheel
Shaping is done through turning out the clay on an electric pottery wheel, using water.
After the clay shaped with water is half dried, parts such as long foot are formed through trimming.
The work is dried, taking time until moisture is completely gone.
Carving process
Higuchi's works, they are carved with carbide trimming tools and the like after they are completely dry.
"Suyaki" - the first firing (at 800 degrees celsius)
The completely dried works are placed in a kiln and fired at 800 degrees celsius.
The works are glazed after the first firing, and are prepared for the final firing.
"Honyaki" - the final firing (at 1250 degrees celsius)
The glazed works are placed in a kiln and fired for about 20 hours at 1250 degrees celsius.
Unloading the kiln
The kiln will be cooled down for 3 days after the final firing is complete, and the works are taken out.

    Completion and Delivery

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